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Pallet Furniture

Mon 3 Aug 2015 admin

We have touched on pallet furniture in a previous blog post, but after we dug a little deeper into it we decided they definitely deserved their own post. Furniture and decorations made from pallets can genuinely look astounding, and should be considered seriously. They have a definite place in interior design. However the best thing […]

The View from our Windows

Thu 16 Jul 2015 admin

At night, if you pull back the curtains and look out, you are greeted by something truly special. But, unfortunately, the heavens are at risk.   We have a special relationship with the night sky. Something in its vastness, in its mystery, in its infinite beauty seems to pull us in. It is unifying: all over […]

Build Container Houses, to Save Humanity

Fri 10 Jul 2015 admin

If aliens were to come down and judge us solely by what they saw in the papers then they would judge us humans to be a fairly awful species. Which is somewhat unfair, as occasionally, we can be pretty awesome. One thing we seem to excel in, other than watching funny cat videos, is building […]

How to Create a Log Cabin Experience at Home

Fri 26 Jun 2015 admin

I think at some point we have all dreamed about running away and living in the woods. A log cabin tucked away in the trees, far away from phones, Facebook, bills, overdrafts… the modern world in general really. Yesterday was national log cabin day. It aimed to celebrate all the serenity a log cabin can give […]

Bringing the Outside, In.

Thu 4 Jun 2015 admin

Well, summer is supposed to be nearing, but looking out the window it’s hard to believe that. Summer is the time to be outside. It conjures images of lush green grass, laughter, brightness and frolicking (interpret that how you may…) It’s hardly surprising then, as we are trapped indoors by the rain, that there is […]

The Inventor of Curtain Poles

Fri 8 May 2015 admin

Who Invented Curtain Poles? His name is Samuel Scottron, and he is a very interesting man. Least of all for inventing curtain poles. He was a tireless innovator, business man and black rights activist. Born in 1841 Samuel’s father saw little point in his son pursuing further education, so before the American civil war he […]

Antique Style Mood Board

Wed 11 Mar 2015 Amy @ Poles Direct

Are you a fan of all things vintage? Do you adore the kitsch yet classic interior styles of the 1940s and ’50s? If so, the Poles Direct Antique Style Mood Board is the perfect starting point for you. If you want to create a beautiful, nostalgic space within your own, opt for interesting accessories like this […]

Heavy metal: why we love metal curtain poles

Tue 24 Feb 2015 Amy @ Poles Direct

Here at Poles Direct we offer a huge range of curtain poles and accessories, from classic wooden and wrought iron to finials, rings and holdbacks. This large collection makes it difficult to settle on our ‘favourite’, but we know that metal curtain poles are high up on the list. Metal curtain rods offer both fashion and […]

Blog of The Month: Let’s Do Something Crafty

Thu 12 Feb 2015 admin

We’re back with our blog of the month. In case you haven’t seen our feature before, each month we profile one of our favourite DIY & craft bloggers right here on our blog. We take inspiration from these people every day so we think it’s only right to celebrate what they’re up to. This month […]

A DIY Christmas

Fri 5 Dec 2014 admin

  Find out how to make Moral Fibres’ DIY Snowglobe here. Find out how to make Claireabelle Makes’ No Sew Christmas Wreath here. Find out how to make The Curators Collection’s Paper Baubles here. Find out how to make Look What I Made’s Winter Lantern Jar here. Find out how to make Miss Mamo’s World’s […]

Blog of the Month: 101 things to do with kids

Fri 5 Dec 2014 admin

To celebrate the inspiration and creativity out there in the blogosphere, each month at Poles Direct we are sharing one of our favourite blogs. We hope the series will leave you with endless ideas for bringing crafts and DIY into your own home. You may remember November’s blog of the month with gorgeous crafts and […]

Blog of The Month: Eight and Sixteen

Mon 3 Nov 2014 admin

At Poles Direct we’re passionate about homes and interiors and love discovering new ideas. The DIY and craft projects published online every day are a great source of inspiration for anyone looking to add a personal touch to their home. To celebrate this blogging community we will be running a monthly feature where we promote our favourite craft and […]

Clean Your House in Less Than an Hour

Wed 17 Sep 2014 admin

Cleaning the house doesn’t have to be a boring, in fact with the addition of some tunes and the right tools/products anyone can clean their house in under an hour easily. As it is freshers week we thought we would create a visual guide to cleaning to ensure the newest students keep out of trouble […]

Working At Home: Making Your Home Office Productive

Thu 28 Aug 2014 admin

Summer is nearing its end and we all must refocus our attention towards work. Children returning to school must now open up their exercise books and their parents really should send that email. With telecommunications now at the centre of many businesses, we now often have the choice to work from home. In the first three months […]

Curtain Pole Hacks

Mon 11 Aug 2014 admin

We have dived deep into the depths of Pinterest and Instagram to bring to you the 14 of most creative and of course interesting curtain poles hacks on the web. We’re all familiar with the use of the everyday curtain pole but for those frugal folks a curtain pole can be used in more than just the […]

My DIY Confession- Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3!

Mon 21 Jul 2014 admin

How many of us have spent our evenings and weekends hopelessly attempting to finally put together that flat-pack cabinet for the bedroom, or somehow get that shelf up on the wall? Unfortunately not all of us have the know-how to make every DIY project perfect, but here at Poles Direct we believe we shouldn’t be ashamed […]

When Thieves Go Window Shopping: A Guide to Student Security

Fri 27 Jun 2014 admin

It’s summer, and A level students are pouring out of schools and colleges across the UK. For those heading to university, this could be their final summer of freedom. But when summer winds up and Freshers’ Week begins, they’ll receive a barrage of counsel from concerned parents and earnest lecturers alike. It’s true that your […]

Top 10 home decorating and interior design apps

Fri 16 May 2014 admin

The re-designing and decorating of a room is something we all think about but, often, it can be hard to envisage what will work well in the space or what colour would fit best with what we already own. Luckily there are thousands of useful tools to aid us on our DIY journey , available […]

Attitudes & Values: A Visual Guide to DIY

Tue 22 Apr 2014 admin

The UK has a historic passion for home improvement. Whether this is redoing dated décor, piecing together a bookcase or building a new birdhouse from scratch, Brits love getting stuck into home DIY home improvement projects. One of the reasons us Brits have become so passionate about doing DIY is that we want our homes […]

Proud to support the Prince of Wales Hospice

Wed 19 Mar 2014 admin

Here at Poles Direct we’re very proud of our Yorkshire roots and are always on the lookout for ways to support good causes in the area. The Prince Of Wales Hospice are one local charity we have been working closely with recently, helping them fit-out several vital rooms with new window coverings. The Hospice based in […]