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5 Last Minute Tips For A Seamless Christmas

Wed 21 Dec 2016 Amy Kilvington

With only four days to go until Christmas, many of us are rushing around to ensure everything’s organised for the big day. Last minute present buying, food shopping, wrapping and arranging visits are just a few of the things on our list, not to mention making sure our decorations are up to scratch for when […]

Five Fancy Finials: The Finishing Touch For Every Curtain Pole

Fri 25 Nov 2016 Amy Kilvington

Curtain pole finials are a practical product that ensure your curtains won’t take a tumble. Securing your curtain rings and eyelets onto the pole, they ensure your window dressing continues to work correctly. Of course, just because something is functional, doesn’t mean it can’t be fashionable too. Decorative curtain pole ends can completely change the […]

How To Use Metal In Your Home’s Interior Design

Tue 14 Jun 2016 Amy Kilvington

Metal is highly versatile and can be adapted to suit any interior. There’s a wealth of forms available, including steel, brass, copper and aluminium, all of which bring a different look and style to a space. It’s wrong to assume that featuring metal means opting for shiny taps or stainless steel kitchen equipment. Nowadays, it’s […]

Coming Soon… Styling Your Windows

Fri 29 Apr 2016 James Nuttall

Poles Direct hasn’t brought you a new blog post for a while – forgive us! It’s just that we have been busy conceptualising our spectacular new innovation in the world of interior design blogging, which we are now so proud to introduce to you. This innovation is our brand new series of articles, the Styling Your […]

Get Crafty This Easter

Mon 21 Mar 2016 James Nuttall

Poles Direct is showing you how to get creative this Easter by giving you, not one, but three different activities to do – one for each day of Easter! These fun and easy pastimes are ideal for both kids and adults alike, so just follow the simple steps on our infographics, which will guide you […]

How To Dress Your Bay Windows

Thu 25 Feb 2016 James Nuttall

Bay windows are traditionally found in Victorian properties, but their charm is also noted by architects of contemporary homes, who opt to include these beautiful installations in new builds. Prospective buyers are often drawn in by the style and size of big bay windows, taken by both their look and functionality. Projecting outwards from the […]

Merry Christmas!

Thu 24 Dec 2015 James Nuttall

We at Poles Direct would like to wish a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our lovely customers and readers. Thank you for reading our blog posts and for placing countless orders with us throughout the year. We look forward to bringing you even more engaging and interesting blog posts in […]

Cut down on the energy bills

Wed 16 Dec 2015 James Nuttall

Poles Direct is here to help in more ways than just supplying the best quality bespoke curtain poles in the business. Today, we are furnishing you with some simple and easy ways to keep your home warm, without having to resort to turn up the heating. Energy prices are ever on the rise, so whatever […]

Get the Christmas look

Tue 15 Dec 2015 James Nuttall

At Poles Direct, we are not just about supplying you with top quality, made to measure curtain poles and accessories, we also happen to have a great eye for style. It’s this eye, in fact, which helps us to make an informed decision when we are choosing, and helping you to choose, the most stylish […]

Using curtain poles as a storage solution

Wed 9 Dec 2015 admin

In times of austerity people who rent or own their own home try to cut back on the non-essentials; repainting rooms, buying new furniture for the living room or splashing out on new carpets for a bedroom is not an option for many families up and down the country. Money is tight, families are struggling […]

Go minimalist!

Thu 26 Nov 2015 James Nuttall

If you believe it is time to de-clutter and go back to basics with your decor, chances are you probably need to. Minimalism is a timeless style, which has never gone out of fashion in the world of interior design. If you are serious about going minimalist, it means getting rid of all the junk […]

What is a Ming Vase?

Thu 22 Oct 2015 admin

  Along with rugs from Persia and watches from Switzerland, porcelain has a long established connection with China. So much so, porcelain is often simply referred to as China. And when we think of Chinese porcelain, we think of Ming vases. But what exactly is a Ming vase? Poles Direct take a look into this cultural […]

A Look at Tiles, with Laura Manners

Thu 15 Oct 2015 admin

Tiles have been used in and out of the home for quite some time. The earliest form of brick glazing, therefore tiling, known is at the Elamite Temple at Chogha Zanbil, which was built in the 13th century BC. So, suffice it to say, we’ve been tiling for a while. Tiles are actually quite versatile, […]

Our Autumn Collection

Tue 13 Oct 2015 admin

  We are currently working on our Autumn Collection, set to launch on 16/10/15. While we were creating this collection we had a specific image in our head. We pictured a cosy room, warmed by a fire. No TV, just a few sofas and chairs, piled high with warm blankets. Soulful music is background to […]

Blackout Blinds – Saviour of the Universe

Mon 12 Oct 2015 admin

  Blackout Blinds are one of today’s unsung heroes. Anyone who has suffered the glare from a street light, usefully located directly outside of the bedroom window, or a night shift worker who has a vampire’s attitude toward the sun can testify to the absolute necessity of a blackout blind. Blackout Blinds are made with […]

A look at Children’s blinds

Tue 6 Oct 2015 admin

Imagination is key to a child’s development. From the tooth fairy, to Santa, to superheroes. Pretending and play time is essential to a child growing up. This doesn’t have to be reserved for outside and play time though, this can extend all the way to the bedroom. And not just the toys they play with, but the […]

Child Safety

Tue 22 Sep 2015 admin

  At Poles Direct child safety is at the forefront of everything we do. Strangulation from blind chains and cords is a very real thing, and can be a real danger if you have active and energetic children. Therefore we work hard to ensure our blinds have the best level of child safety protection available. […]

Spotlight on – Suede Blinds

Thu 17 Sep 2015 admin

Working with leather is one of man’s oldest skills. We have used leather since we walked on two legs to keep us warm, make tools and give us shelter. Along with a few other items leather has been intrinsic to our development as humans. As we have evolved and grown more skilled our dependency on […]

How Versatile are Wooden Plantation Shutters?

Thu 10 Sep 2015 admin

  Due to their permanent nature, people are often hesitant when it comes to Wooden Plantation Shutters. But Shutters are actually one of the most versatile window coverings available. It’s not that they come in lots of options, though they do come in various colours and styles. It’s simply the shutters themselves. They just seem to […]

Life is Too Short to Have Ugly Cushions.

Thu 27 Aug 2015 admin

The average life expectancy in the UK is 81.1 years. That, all things considered, isn’t that long. That’s 972 months, or 505,544 weeks or 849,139,2 hours. Not long at all. Life’s too short, and as the saying goes, ‘it’s the little things’. Like piling into clean bedding after a shower. Getting a hill start just […]