Antique Style Mood Board

Wed 11 Mar 2015 Amy @ Poles Direct

Antique Style Mood Board

Are you a fan of all things vintage? Do you adore the kitsch yet classic interior styles of the 1940s and ’50s? If so, the Poles Direct Antique Style Mood Board is the perfect starting point for you. If you want to create a beautiful, nostalgic space within your own, opt for interesting accessories like this vintage style clock and traditional steamer trunk. Don’t forget to add antique-inspired light fixtures, such as this stunning double glass pendant, and hunt down vintage print soft furnishings like this Parisian cushion. When it comes to the colour scheme, neutral backdrops are the way to go – cream, grey and beige are perfect for the antique look, but don’t be afraid to add some vibrancy with pale blue or rich red. For the window dressing, our very own Antique Brass Glass Pumpkin Finial pole is the perfect choice, especially when teamed with a sumptuous curtain fabric like the Prestigious Simian Antique from Custom Curtains.

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