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Curtain Pole Fitting Guide

Tools Required
Drill bit

Drill bit



Hack saw





Screw Driver

Sprit level

Spirit Level

Tape measure

Steel Tape Measure

Step 1

If you need to adjust the bracket projection, loosen the screws to adjust to the desired position. Once this has been done tighten the screws back up.

Step 2

Using a spirit level, position the brackets on the wall and mark the top line. We suggest 5 to 10cm above and to each side of the window recess; to ensure maximum coverage when the curtains are closed.

When the brackets are in the correct position, mark the mounting holes with a pencil. Drill these holes and attach the brackets in place.

Step 3

If the pole is 300cm or 360cm use the joining piece supplied. This is inserted half way into one pole, and the other pole is slid onto it. Next place the pole into the bracket and secure with the bracket screw.

Step 4

If required, use a hacksaw to trim an equal amount of each pole section. If there are any rough edges carefully use a file to smooth them out.

Step 5

If the pole is supplied with rings, place them as shown above. Do the same for eyelet curtains and tab top curtains.

Step 6

The final thing to do is double check all the brackets and finials are fully secured, before hanging the curtains.

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