Attitudes & Values: A Visual Guide to DIY

The UK has a historic passion for home improvement. Whether this is redoing dated décor, piecing together a bookcase or building a new birdhouse from scratch, Brits love getting stuck into home DIY home improvement projects.

One of the reasons us Brits have become so passionate about doing DIY is that we want our homes to not only look fantastic but to also increase in value. Through recent economic uncertainty many  – thus seeing the love affair with DIY flourish.

Here at Poles Direct we often have customers purchasing new curtain poles and accessories for a room they have just updated. Since many of you will be diving into a DIY project this year we thought we would give you an idea of what the UK’s attitudes and values were towards home improvement:

Attitudes & Values -  A Visual Guide to DIY in the UK

 Key Statistics

Men’s attitudes towards DIY:

  • 90% of men are happy to use a power tool
  • 77% of men will finish any DIY jobs that they’ve started
  • 70% of men aged 25 to 33 years are happy to undertake DIY projects in the home

DIY is no longer the sole domain for men only:

  • 25% of women aged 25 to 33 years would do any DIY work themselves
  • 62% of women would finish any DIY projects they started
  • 49% of women are happy to use a power tool

Statistically, Britain is still a nation of DIY lovers:

  • 59% of people are happy to take on any DIY projects themselves
  • 33% of people have spent £500 or more on DIY

DIY injuries and disasters

  • More than 200,000 people end up in hospital each year from DIY accidents
  • 80,000 people have open wound injuries
  • 25,000 people break one or more bones in their bodies
  • 17,000 people complain of sprains or strains

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